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Growing your individual portfolio companies by acquisition is part and parcel of the development of your overall portfolio. Whether you are trying to achieve a better position within your vertical, increasing your capacity to service a horizontal or plain old-fashioned expansion along the production chain all require access to quality deals preferably verified and professionally presented.

Finding these deals has traditionally been done through professional contacts or time-consuming investigation. Professional contacts sourcing and investigation can be costly and will not necessarily deliver a solid lead.

How M&A Markets Help you Source Relevant Verified Opportunities.

M&A Markets gives you instant anonymous access to both national and international deal opportunities valued between $1m and $25m. Because M&A Markets membership is restricted to M&A Professionals (Accountants, Lawyers, CF Professionals and Funds) all mandates are pre-screened and professionally presented.

For Private Equity Firms embarking on an M&A strategy for their investees, lead generation is an interictal part and time is of the essence. Once the goal of your M&A activity has been agreed with your investee company then finding the right company to acquire in the desired territory is key to the success of customer growth, market share growth or geographical expansion.

M&A Markets is the ideal tool for Private Equity firms sourcing the ideal prospect. With our list of international Sell Mandates presented by professionals finding a suitable prospect is more efficient than traditional methods. If your investee has very specific needs our platform provides the ability to post Buy Mandates to seek out suitable buyers that match your needs.

We Provide The Access, You Do The Deal!

All activity on the platform is anonymous until you decide otherwise. All communication is conducted through our internal messaging system until it is advantages to take the discussion further into an offline setting. As a member of M&A Markets you have the ability to view all available listings both nationally and internationally.

At M&A Markets we believe there is a perfect buyer for every business, finding them is key. M&A Markets has NO part to play in the deal, we do not provide any advice or guidance nor do we charge a commission on the sale, we simply provide a secure, confidential marketplace that allows our members to find ideal partners for their sell or buy mandates on behalf of their clients.

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Why Use M&A Markets?

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M&A Markets provides access to a confidential marketplace to Buy or Sell in Businesses.

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All listings are fully anonymous. M&A Markets will never ask for your clients name. Anonymity disclosure is at your discretion.

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Quality Deals

M&A Markets will never act as a Broker, Valuer or Advisor, it simply provides a secure, confidential and professional marketplace to quality verified deals above $1m.

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M&A Markets provides access to a Confidential marketplace to Buy or Sell in businesses.

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