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Membership in professional organisations like M&A Markets can be a valuable asset to organisations. M&A Markets gives members access to a network of like-minded professionals and offers opportunities for both their organisations and their clients. Professional organisations can serve as a marker of credibility and expertise.

Everyone can NOT become a member. In order to maintain the M&A Markets high standards and reputation of listings on the platform, a qualifying selection process is in place. This ensures that only organisations who meet our criteria are accepted as members.

M&A Markets platform is confidential, secure and anonymous. M&A Markets does not require the potential acquirer or seller to be identified. The buyer or seller is represented by their advisor with no third-party involvement, secure in the knowledge that they are reaching the widest possible audience of interested parties.

Every M&A Markets member must have a responsibility to their client either on the buy side or sell side. Every listing posted on the platform is reviewed and evaluated to ensure it meets all the platform criteria and standards before going live. This helps to ensure that all members are held to high ethical standards and are committed to upholding the values of M&A Markets. By setting high standards and upholding a rigorous selection process you can assure your clients of complete anonymity in a professional marketplace.

As part of our commitment to anonymity we will no longer display a list of our members publicly. Our current members range from Accountancy Firms, VC Firms, Law Firms, PE Funds, Corporate Finance and Family Offices. We have members in Ireland, UK and USA.

If you wish to find out more about the platform, the types of listings that are posted and a sample of our members just book a free demo.

We Provide The Access, You Do The Deal!

Why Use M&A Markets?

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M&A Markets provides access to a confidential marketplace to Buy or Sell in Businesses in Ireland, UK and America.

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All listings are fully anonymous. We will never ask for your clients name. Anonymity disclosure is at your discretion.

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Quality Deals

M&A Markets will never act as a Broker, Valuer or Advisor, it simply provides a secure, confidential and professional marketplace to quality verified deals above $1m.

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Connect Through M&A Markets

The platform provides access to a Confidential Marketplace to Buy or Sell Businesses.

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