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Central to this evolution of the modern Law Firm is the M&A Deal.

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M&A Deals Increasing

M&A activity is set to exceed all records in the next few years, the availability of underutilised cash and ongoing low interest rates have created a market which is driving deal making to historic levels.

The services provided by law firms too is changing as the historical boundaries between professional services like accounting and law dissolve and new hybrid commercial firms emerge defined by their skillsets and service areas rather than titles. Central to this evolution is the M&A Deal.

Originating deals on behalf of clients a core requirement for firms intent on looking past their traditional business models and providing commercial advisory services.

M&A Markets Can Help Your Law Firm Develop This Service Area.

Traditionally deal origination was driven by personal contacts or expensive, time-consuming industry searches. These searches usually highlighted the obvious targets and personal contacts or your clients direct competitors. These search have limiting factors and do not always bear fruit. The goal of your client remains the same so sourcing quality, verified deals is paramount to the success.

M&A Markets corrects this gap by delivering direct, secure, anonymous access to deals in a professional setting.

We Provide The Access, You Do The Deal!

M&A Markets gives you instant anonymous access to both national and international deal opportunities valued between $1m and $25m. Because M&A Markets membership is restricted to M&A Professionals (Accountants, Lawyers, CF Professionals and Funds) all mandates are pre-screened and professionally presented. Members can upload both Buy or Sell mandates so if your client has specific acquisition requirements which are not met on the platform you can upload their precise requirements in total anonymity.

The anonymity of the platform means that your client is protected from industry competitors and unwelcome opportunistic approaches.

Size & Location

Size, location, or international borders are no longer a hinderance as members have complete access to all listings irrespective of location or size. This provides a level playing field by ensuring that you have full access to deals both nationally and internationally and your mandates are shared with a global audience.

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Why Use M&A Markets?

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M&A Markets provides access to a confidential marketplace to Buy or Sell in Businesses.

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All listings are fully anonymous. M&A Markets will never ask for your clients name. Anonymity disclosure is at your discretion.

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Quality Deals

M&A Markets will never act as a Broker, Valuer or Advisor, it simply provides a secure, confidential and professional marketplace to quality verified deals above $1m.

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Connect Through M&A Markets

M&A Markets provides access to a Confidential marketplace to Buy or Sell in businesses.

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