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Selling My Business

29th September 2017

Published Date: 29-Sept-2017

Selling a business is a complicated process and is often a once in a lifetime experience. We can tell you that every businessperson shares the same fears:

  1. What if my competitors find out I am selling and poach my customers?
  2. What if my brand is negatively impacted?
  3. What will happen the current staff when I sell. Will the staff start looking for a new job if they know we are selling?
  4. If people know we are selling will that drive the price down?
  5. Are there any buyers for our business?
  6. Where can I find the right buyer?

You need three elements to address these issues and make the sale successful:

  1. Confidentiality
  2. Experienced Advisors
  3. A Professional Marketplace.

Confidentiality is ensured by using a reputable accountancy practice who will act for you in a professional manner.

An experienced Advisory team within a reputable accountancy firm will guide you from the initial decision to sell right through to the closure of the deal.

CIEX provides the professional marketplace. CIEX does not act as a Broker, Valuer or Advisor. CIEX simply provides a secure marketplace.

The process of selling a business has many different twist and turns. Having the right tools is essential to the success of the sale. Your accountants are on your side and you can discuss all elements of the sale confidentially with them.

CIEX is totally anonymous and only approved qualified accountants gain full access. CIEX will never ask for the business owners name or details. CIEX will never ask for name, email address, phone number or any contact details regarding the business for sale. Your accountant publishes the listing based on their discussion and agreements with you and all enquiries go directly to the accountant.

CIEX is where Buyers, Sellers and Investors find each other because CIEX is a dedicated professional marketplace where only Business are Bought & Sold.

Some of the benefits of using CIEX include:

  • Complete Anonymity
  • Total Security
  • Wider Access to Committed Buyers
  • Constant Visibility
  • More potential buyers
  • Dedicated Marketplace
  • The opportunity to get the best deal

Always #TalkToYourAccountant for professional advice.

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Making the crossing the bridge easy!

Remember: Always Talk To Your Accountant first when thinking about Selling your Business.

“There is always a perfect buyer for every business .. finding them is key!”
– Ronan Cleary twitter social icon Tweet

CIEX provides accountancy firms with anonymous access to a national and international network of accountants who specialise in buying and selling businesses on behalf of their clients.

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