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17th June 2019

Published Date: 17-June-2019

As part of our #EntrepreneurSeries we discuss the different aspects facing Entrepreneur when they are selling their business.

So where is the best place to sell a business? - Do you ask your competitors to buy it? - Do you ask a friend from college in the same industry? - Do you talk to your accountant?

Like every commodity / service in the world - The best place to sell a business is in a marketplace. When we need to buy food we go to the supermarket and buy what we need. So why not go to a marketplace when you are selling your business.

Selling your business might be the single biggest sale of your business career. It’s important to get it right. Many different factors come into play when selling your business and lots of questions arise like:

  • How much can I sell my business for?
  • How much is my business worth?
  • Who will buy my business?
  • Will I retain my job or am I retiring?
All of these questions need to be answered and will be. Your accountant should be able to answer these questions for you as part of the getting ready to sell process.

Always #TalkToYourAccountant when you are thinking of selling your business but remember you started your business, you know your business and you know how to sell your business.

When you are in business you are either buying or selling. If you are looking to buy something you go to the market. Selling a business is no different, you go to the market. A marketplace is an ideal place to sell your business because like every marketplace in the world there are buyers and sellers. The marketplace attracts willing buyers and quality sellers.

The internet has disrupted many different business models and created many different marketplaces. Spotify created a marketplace where people could listen to the music they wanted, when they wanted without buying CD’s. Apple App Store created a marketplace where developers could sell their new apps to willing buyers. With the APP Store developers now had access to a marketplace never before reachable.

M&A Markets has created a marketplace where business owners and Entrepreneurs can access a marketplace of willing buyers with complete anonymity. M&A Markets has created an environment where the business owner and Entrepreneur is protected.

At M&A Markets we believe that the relationship between the Entrepreneur and their accountant is core to the success of any business sale. M&A Markets is a platform where accountants list their clients businesses for sale with complete anonymity.

M&A Markets is creating a network of accountants who are M&A and Corporate Finance specialists and all of whom are qualified members of established accountancy firms. If you wish to become a M&A Markets Member accountant register today.

Marketplaces are key to creating competition.

M&A Markets
The Best Place to Sell My Business

M & A Markets provides access to a marketplace that is unique to any other deal space.

“Like every commodity / service in the world - The best place to sell a business is in a marketplace.”
– Ronan Cleary twitter social icon Tweet

M & A Markets provides professional firms with anonymous access to a national and international network of advisors who specialise in buying and selling businesses on behalf of their clients.

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