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Providing M&A services to clients is the fastest growing service area in the accounting industry.

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Providing M&A services to clients is the fastest growing service area in the accounting industry.

Accountants are uniquely positioned to advise on strategic acquisitions or exits because of their intimate knowledge of the client’s business affairs. Recognising the bottom-line value of an M&A service to a firm is a major step towards growing beyond the traditional audit/tax mindset.

As well as delivering service expansion opportunities for your firm, the capacity to provide a value-added service like M&A to clients at pivotal times during their business life is of huge benefit to them. The ability to offer this service in-house is key to client retention, growth, and future business referrals.

Key to success in this service area is the ability to source buyers or sellers. Traditionally this was achieved within accounting firms by leveraging existing contacts or by engaging in expensive origination searches. This effectively served as a barrier to entry due to capacity or cost limitations or both. These searches often only highlight the obvious targets and business owners open to an exit. Many ideal opportunities are missed due to these barriers. At M&A Markets we believe for every good business there is an ideal buyer. M&A Markets provides a global access to quality and verified sell and buy mandates both nationally and internationally.

How M&A Markets help Accountants with M&A

M&A Markets provides a professional and secure method for originating these deals which is both economical and effective irrespective of the size or location of your firm.

Using the M&A Markets platform gives you instant anonymous access to both national and international deal opportunities valued between $1m and $25m. Because membership is restricted to M&A Professionals (Accountants, Lawyers, CF Professionals and Funds only) all mandates are pre-screened and professionally presented. Members can upload both Buy and Sell mandates so if your client has specific acquisition requirements which are not met on the platform you can upload the precise requirements in total anonymity.

The anonymity of the platform means that your client is also protected from industry competitors and unverified opportunistic approaches.

Our firm’s size and location makes accessing deals difficult.

Firm size, location or international borders are no longer a hinderance as members have complete access to all listings irrespective of location or size. This provides a level playing field by ensuring that you have full access to deals both nationally and internationally and your mandates are shared with a global audience.

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M&A Markets provides access to a confidential marketplace to Buy or Sell in Businesses.

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All listings are fully anonymous. M&A Markets will never ask for your clients name. Anonymity disclosure is at your discretion.

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Quality Deals

M&A Markets will never act as a Broker, Valuer or Advisor, it simply provides a secure, confidential and professional marketplace to quality verified deals above $1m.

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M&A Markets provides access to a Confidential marketplace to Buy or Sell in businesses.

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