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About Us

M&A Markets is a Cloud Platform exclusively dedicated to the sale, purchase or mergers in Businesses.

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About CIEX
Our Mission
Access is Key.

At M&A Markets we believe in that for every good business that is being sold there is an ideal buyer. Gaining access to committed and verified buyers and sellers is key. Business Owners want to sell their business for the best possible price without risking their anonymity and buyers want to buy at the lowest possible price and get the best deal.

The M&A Markets platform connects buyers and sellers through their accountants to give them access to the best deals in a secure, confidential and anonymous environment.


Founder Tim Counihan
Tim Counihan
CEO LinkedIn    Twitter

M&A Markets is the brainchild of Tim Counihan. Together with Ronan Cleary they co-founded the company and began the development of the platform in 2015.

Tim began his working life in commercial banking and in 2013/2014 he started to notice that strong family businesses which he had lent to in his early career were now closing or suffering because they had no exit strategy in place for the owners. The missing links in the deal structure were Access and Anonymity, access to buyers and sellers and anonymity for the sellers.

Tim’s years of experience in banking and dealing directly with high net worth individuals with successful businesses led him to recognised the gap in the market for a platform that is now known as M & A Markets.

Founder Ronan Cleary
Ronan Cleary
CTO LinkedIn    Twitter

Ronan who comes from a strong family business background began his career in software development in 2002. Ronan’s keen interest in business combined with his knowledge of developing bespoke software platforms gave him a unique perspective and understanding to develop the M & A Markets platform.

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Our Story So Far..

  1. April 2022
    USA Launch
  2. Aug 2020
    Platform Re-Development
  3. May 2020
    Rebrand to M&A Markets
  4. May 2019
    CIEX UK Launch
  5. June 2018
    Live Deals
  6. April 2018
    v1.0 Live Version Released
  7. Feb 2017
    Beta Released
  8. June 2016
    Testing Phase v1.0
  9. September 2015
    CIEX Development Begins